Julie Newman-Seunarayan

Julie Newman-Seunarayan

Senior Beauty Therapist

Julie has been in the beauty industry since 1990. working alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists in New Zealand as a beauty therapist and in the UK from January 2009. Julie created ‘BOD’ to bring forth her passion in creating healthy skin using medical grade products topically and internally alongside to produce its own collagen/type 1 otherwise known as baby collagen, the most youthful and scar-less form of collagen.

Julie prides herself on being The Facial Architect with over 30 years experience in the beauty, spa and wellness industry, helping thousands of clients achieve their individual skincare and body goals.


Having worked with numerous skincare brands in store and professionally as a therapist. Julie was thrilled to begin working with the Environ Skincare brand to finally have ingredients that scientifically repair the DNA of the skin cell and pigment cell of the skin. To see the changes that occur in the skin, whilst making the skin uber healthy and more youthful thoroughly thrills her as a therapist. Not to mention having bod clients rave about how great they feel now that their skin has been transformed.

Julie is also passionate about electrolysis for permanent hair removal and advanced electrolysis for the removal of skin lesions such as thread veins, skin tags, moles, sebaceous keratosis, warts, verruca to name a few.

‘The Facial Architect’

Just like any building requires structure, scaffolding and substance and so does our skin.  Think of your skin as a building, first you must create a strong sturdy foundation.  This comes from feeding your skin internally with supplements along with a healthy lifestyle to ensure the cells form a healthy strong foundation for the skin to grow from. Feeding your skin topically will ensure the building blocks that create the walls remain healthy and resistant against movement and finally your roof the surface of your skin must be protected from damage such as environmental or UV damage by ensuring you apply a good sunscreen and vitamin/mineral makeup to preserve and weatherproof your asset.

This 3 pronged approach to healthy skin is our philosophy which we apply in our advanced skin diagnostic analysis for our clients.

Having healthy skin and keeping you beautiful is her aim.


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